Got an assprin?

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I texted our yoga instructor after I got home from class and told him my glutes forgot how to butt. The hardest step I made today was getting out of the car after class. MY ASS.

My ass is sore as hell, but in a month, it’s gonna look the finest it ever has for RollerCon 🙂

Athletes…always growing and typically sore from it!

Butt! Great training for skating!

We are thundering through this challenge, looking strong and driven!


Better get some rest, since I get up early in the morning for – you guessed it – YOGA ❤



Zen on Day 10

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Day 10! Every day people say how glad they are doing the 30 days of skating challenge, and TWICE today I heard the BEST thing.

“I’m feeling more comfortable on my skates.”


As for me, I got to do everything I wanted today.

Skated 5.5 miles to the fitness center, took BodyPump class, had some lunch and packed the rest for the trip home,  skated home,  finished lunch,  danced in the rain, taught yoga, went to Jacksonville and reffed there.


Can I just say again how much I love the derby community?!?

Plus I got some more speaking and video work done.

So right now I’m actually getting to do all of the things that I said I would love to do if I wasn’t burdened with a “job.”

Fuck jobs.

When the heart has good intentions, when we help people, and when these things make us happy, it ain’t “work.”

It’s purpose.

I settled for too damn long and listened too much to the wrong people about all the wrong things. I’ve been right all along.

Do. What. Makes. You.  HAPPY!!


Day 9 and we lookin fine!

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Day 9, lots of enthusiasm, momentum,  and encouragement from the 30 days of skating challenge!


We are getting work done!!!

As for me, Tuesdays are a great training day, since I teach a high intensity intervals class, and take Buti yoga right after.


Christy kicks our ass in class and then shares empowerment. Teaching and leading people means allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, to help others grow.

“Injuries are the best teacher.” – Kim Davies

It is a lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way a bunch of times,  but with each mistake, we learn more and are less likely to do it the same way.

Today I got a chance to get some heavy shit off my chest, and I’m readying for the next big leap forward. I talk often about breaking through a shell, getting outside of the comfort zone,  showing up big, and being authentic.

I’m about to make big changes in my life and have new experiences, and it’s pretty amazing how scary it can be to get something I want.

Scary to get something I want.

…writing it out just…wow.

A good and wise friend advised me to put my skates on and do what I enjoy.  It’ll clear my head. “Don’t make me say I’ll kick your ass.”

Smart advice 🙂


I skated beachside here for the first time since I’ve lived here.

Yeah I’ll be doing that again!!! And next time I’ll make sure I have free time after so I can go swimming when I’m done!

So often, we focus on what we want, neglecting the beauty that surrounds us in the journey. Today I learned to just get the fuck out of my head and do something good for myself. My heart told me to reach out to my friend, and she was the right choice to give me the right advice.

I can’t take credit for the nudge that told me to reach out to her (thanks, God <3), but I will gladly take credit for taking action.

Show up big ❤

Seventh Day: Skating on the Sabbath!

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7 days in, challengers going strong! Everything from readying for the week, bouts, to long trails has been keeping us all busy and stimulated!


Day 7 of skating fell on a rest day for me, but I still got skate time in! Today I came back from church,  still in church clothes, and worked on one-foot plows 🙂 I started by doing a shuffle and worked up to kicking one ankle out while controlling the slide in both legs. Pretty cool!

This evening I got to cheer for both teams when River City Rat Pack came into town to take on Palm Coast!


I figured the ref staff would be stacked and plentiful, so I bought a ticket and got to cheer! It was a great game to watch, and I saw in play some of the new stuff I was told to keep an eye out for.  These things come with experience,  and even when cheering, there are plenty of opportunities to learn 😉

Tomorrow should be an ambitious day, here’s hoping the weather will cooperate!

Find the place where strength meets compassion

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Today is Wednesday, which is usually the day in the week that my body is feeling the intensity of my training sessions the most. I do either cardio or weights on Mondays, followed by a power yoga practice with my guru, and on Tuesday I practice Yoga in the morning, prepare to teach class, teach class, and then I take Buti yoga. So, by Wednesday, I’m feeling strong, but tired. Today we had BodyPump, and later on I taught yoga and skated after.

Reaching my goal initially was one thing, sustaining it was an important process in learning how to continue those habits, and not fall into bad habits. I started finding a rhythm again, and then I had an injury. Any time we experience an injury, particularly athletes, what’s going on in your head is a story of doomsday, fear, and taking everything the doctor says to heart. So, I was feeling pretty down, and to be quite frank, there were moments of despair. Anytime one hears permanence, fears do all kinds of things with our brains. I was afraid of losing the ability to stay fit, which ironically impacted my body. By being afraid of decreasing my fitness level, I wasn’t working out as much. By being afraid of how an injury would impact my body, I allowed it to and I gained fat.

What we resist persists.

I resisted weight gain, and it persisted on me.

The deep existential lesson I’ve gotten from my experiences this year is that I can still be kick ass, but also find and allow compassion for myself.

Setbacks are part of the growing process. We learn that in our coaching. And just as we learn the habits to overcome obstacles, we learn again what it takes to get by if the lesson didn’t really stick the first time. Sometimes, the lesson has to be learned multiple times.

I’ve lost a hundred pounds twice. The first time I lost a hundred pounds, I had an injury and went through a horrifying ordeal, and during all that chaos, I gained about 70 pounds. Several years later when I was ready again, I lost the 70 that I gained, plus another 30. After hitting my goal, I settled for a moment, put on a little bit of fat from victory meals and especially enjoying Las Vegas for a full week, and then struggled to find consistency.

During the 30 days of skating challenge, I hope to inspire people to be their best, and do the best they can with what they have. There’s a lesson in that for me as well. As leader, not only do I have to show strength, but I also have to emphasize the importance of balance and rest.

When it was my turn to lead a yoga practice this training this weekend, I addressed the group and told them to continue to work to their edge, but also realize that we’ve been working very hard. Though it is important to continually grow, it’s equally important to know when the ego is pushing the body past growth and toward danger. I then said something to them that I tell the students in my high intensity interval class.

Find the place where strength meets compassion.

The athletes in my high intensity class are exactly that. They are high intensity. Is a highly aggressive workout, and as an instructor, I have to pay particularly close attention to ensure proper form, to make sure that they are getting a good workout, but also that they are not overdoing it. I remind them that doing exercises properly and at their own particular level ensures that they can do it over and over again. It only takes one bad movement for the ego to take over, and impacts our body and our ability to do the things we love.

Strength is not only physical, it’s also the mental fortitude to realize that we are human, we are flawed, and our best today will vary from yesterday and tomorrow. We are always great, we are always exceptional, we always carry an amazing potential within us.

“You are as good as your greatest day even if you have not had it yet.” – Kenyan runner’s phrase

Last week I had dinner with a friend that was visiting from out of town, and while talking about the classes we teach, we discussed how fitness, just like food, can be used excessively. She then said something that stuck in my mind profoundly. She said fitness is not a punishment, it is a reward.

This is yet another reminder that what we do is important, and how we do it is equally as important. Is good and well to eat healthy, but still having excessive tendencies means excess calories will be consumed, which leads to fat gain. Also, what it takes to burn excessive calories takes way more time and effort then consuming those calories. So, with balance, comes smart eating, and smart exercise.

Conversely, excessive exercise without adequate nutrition leads to depletion and is detrimental to our bodies externally, internally, and messes with our minds.

The takeaway here is to find balance. Even bigger – and much deeper – is accepting what is without continually obsessing about changing it. Again, what we resist persists.

Let it go. Whatever it is we don’t want to be, we can choose to avoid by focusing on what we DO want to be.

By focusing on being OUR best – not THE best, not better than so-and-so, not comparing to others – we are able to unleash our greatest selves to express our true genius. OUR genius. No one else’s.

So, be brilliant. No option 😉

Onto the 30 Days of Skating challenge!

We’re 1200 people and 3 days in, and today was another day of ass-kicking skater goodness! It’s remarkable to see people rally together and share the joy of skating! Some of us are feeling the extra work, and with any sport, we’ve also experienced a few injuries. The group’s been amazingly supportive and every day is busy, fun, interesting, and another opportunity for us all to see that, despite our differences, we are truly in this together.

Tonight while reffing for Palm Coast Roller Derby, I was reminded yet again that I want to keep working on my plow stops and transitions. As an outside pack ref, I want to get super on my feet, because I have the endurance, and I can do even more once I get quicker with the fancier stuff. This month’s challenge is a great way for me to not only keep building on my endurance (to say I need more endurance is like saying I need more muscle…I love what I got, but I’m glad to have more :D), but to deal with nagging annoyances I’ve been pushing aside because I’ve been reffing and not playing derby.

Day 3 rocked, and it’s a joy and a blessing to be a part of this challenge, and a particularly humbling honor to lead and witness the worldwide participation.

Skate life…so much love ❤



8 Wheels, One Love

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Today marks the second day of the 30 Days of Skating challenge, and skaters around the world are sharing pictures,  videos,  stories, encouragement and support for each other. It’s such a beautiful thing to host and to witness  ❤


People are putting their skates on and getting work done!

Literally, some folks are wearing their skates while working, doing chores, and exercising!

This is so encouraging for us all, and it’s affecting me in a huge way. Yesterday,  my doctor reduced my therapy to once a week. On day one of the challenge. Day ONE.

Imagine what can happen in 30 days 😉

Day 2, donesies!

After Jess’s 9am practice, I squeezed in a skate and core session before a meeting, and then prepared tonight’s class. Taught a class, took a class, and between all that I stayed hydrated, nourished, and kept replenishing my electrolytes. TONS of sweat today!

I am following-up with Sam tomorrow for my measurements. We had to reschedule because my numbers were super wonky on Monday, due to a weekend of yoga and me not hydrating sufficiently the following morning. So, lesson learned, and tomorrow we’ll get more acurate information 🙂

30 Days of Skating

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RollerCon is next month  (OMG), and I wanted to get my shit together and get in the best possible shape, so I started a 30 Days of Skating challenge on Facebook.

I thought it’d be a cool way for some friends and I to encourage each other as we ready for our trip!

Well, the event spread all around and we’re over 1100 people in 🙂

What an awesome assemblage of people, and how innovative everyone is getting with finding the time to lace up. It’s a joy to witness how driven this group is!

At the helm is yours truly, and I find leadership by example is my preferred approach.  Be the change you want to see in the world…

…my yogi and derby worlds often collide 😛

So! The challenge is underway, and people are sharing pictures,  stories, and inspiration to keep each other going.

It’s beautiful and amazing, and another way to bring people together to raise each other up.

One love, Team Derby – and all skaters!