Epic Voyage: Preface from the post-voyage perspective

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Every time people ask me to tell them about my Epic Voyage, I fuck it up and tell stories scattered and all over the damn place, so I want to do the trip’s story justice and tell it well (as best I can…I mean I’m still like shaking from joy excited) 😀

So, let’s start!

It surely would not have been an #EpicVoyage style #CrossCountryRoadTrip if it weren’t for all the shit that led up to it.

I mean, there was STUFF.




Let’s start with all that. That last picture really seals it in. I was training at my athletic peak, then got MVP Jammer in Lakeland (hardest floor to skate on in Florida) with my homegirl Georgie, and then BAM! Ten hours later I was hit by a truck, my car totalled, and the damage to my back took me out of playing roller derby for good.

I cried. A whole lot. I mean…I use the word fuck a lot and fuck did I cry. I cried more than I use the word fuck.

That’s a lot of fucking crying.

With that huge life event came the need to adjust, and as serendipity would have it, I was still doing yoga as best as my body would allow, and then I was in yoga teacher training the week after the accident.

Yoga teacher training completely revolutionalized my practice in the sense that I had an expectation of what I should be as a teacher, and instead I became a good teacher by accepting myself. During this whole time I’d also been working with a life coach to help me steer through all the things that life was throwing at me.

Like when I lost my job.

So, in the midst of my physical therapy while dealing with a permanent injury, my former employer decides to end my contract and they tell me this the FRIDAY BEFORE I TAKE A TWO WEEK VACATION.

Classy folks, very classy.

The details are not important, because I never asked for specifics. I’m an intelligent woman and am wide awake, so I don’t need to hear excuses, rationale and lies for bullshit.

The fact of the matter is they did me a favor. Now I can be truly authentic and SOAR ❤

Right, so I became a referee, and I LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Better than I did playing. I get to skate every jam and watch derby from the best perspective, plus I don’t have to hit people and people don’t get to hit me.




I’m actually a pretty good ref where I am now, and I have a LOT of learning to do that I’m eager and ready for 🙂

Fast forward: My business is growing, I’m now zeebin’, going through yoga teacher training, and ready to plan for RollerCon.

I finished yoga teacher training, and in the last month of training (June), which was the month before RollerCon, I began the 30 days of skating challenge, and the whole #8wheelsonelove movement ❤

PhotoGrid_1439910352433 PhotoGrid_1439910293922

These collages are 2 sets of 15 collages from the 30 days of skating challenge – which there will be another one in September ❤

When we do the challenge, any time on skates counts.

20150708_205046 20150703_204636



And we have shirts, WOOOO YES!


It was at the end of the challenge that we finished teacher training, and our class had a 100% success rate. The program was hard, but we are tough and dedicated, and we knocked it out.


This was when we just got the news that we all passed 😀

And, because we’re fun, young at heart, and kinda delirious after 200 hours of teacher training and FOUR REALLY HARD PRACTICES to end it, we kinda got silly and delirious on the last day.


Passed training, and decided that, despite not knowing how the hell I would pull it off I bought my pass for RollerCon, and prepared myself mentally for the trip, and started working with friends for lodging and the specifics.

Still, having no idea how I’d pull it off. Not a clue.

But, I prepared anyway, trusting that I’d make it there, and not fixating on how it would happen. I mean, I busted my ass to make things happen, but by not worrying about them, they happened.


I had a plan, or at least the kinda plan that I can work with.

I was going to drive to Las Vegas with a fellow skater, spend a few days getting there, spend a week there for RollerCon, and drive back home over the course of a week or so and explore the country, visiting friends and skaters along the way.

Three days before the trip, my car pool buddy was ready to pull out for the same reasons I wanted to pull out. Fear. Finances. Uncertainty. Feeling badly that preparation wasn’t all the way there. Fear, fear, fear.

Two days before the trip, she worked it out, and holy shit, things were working out for me as well. Things looked promising.

Day before the trip, my friend found a ride from Miami to Daytona, and was ready to hit the road with me and attend RollerCon.


Plus, the night before, I got to have dinner at my FAVORITE Thai place in town with my yoga teacher training class ❤

20150717_201029 20150717_201200

They all looked so lovely and I felt like I looked like a schmuck, but they said I dressed as myself and that’s who they know and love ❤

I still think I should have worn this and kinda wish I did…but I got to wear it in Vegas and I rocked that motherfucker 😀


It was finished with a camo fedora, but we’ll get to Vegas, the fedora, and that amazing evening on a later post 😀

So, this post ends here, the night before my Epic Voyage started. All I knew was that Miriam was confirmed, we had places to stay in Dallas, TX and Prescott, AZ, our RollerCon passes were purchased and on us (I had a fiasco with mine where I lost the pass the day we were leaving, but it ended well by me not freaking out, staying calm, and finding it), and we were excited and actually gonna do it!

I want to keep writing and telling the story, but each upcoming post is really worth it. Super duper REALLY worth it!

If this doesn’t go here I don’t know where the hell I’ll put it, so here it is: I thought about telling the Epic Voyage tale from various perspectives: As a skater, a yogi, a woman-crazed lesbian who finally came out of celibacy, an author, a business owner, on and on. MEH. I’ll just tell it in order 🙂


Making a deposit in the bank where I store great stuff

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I said this to a friend when I saw her a couple weeks ago, right after I jumped out of a plane and REALLY understood some pretty huge concepts on the ride back to the ground.

“You’re not only capable of doing this. You deserve it. You know that, yeah? Cuz you do.”

So guys, please do yourselves a favor and quit the shit with what you did wrong, why you shouldn’t have great things, and fucking cockblocking the best things that are falling RIGHT into your lives and presenting themselves as opportunities.

If the thought, motivation, and DESIRE to do or have something is persistently on your mind, then you need to just fucking do it.

There is no “right time.” There are only so many goddamn Mondays that you can start over.

If you are tired of staring over, then STOP GIVING UP.

This is your wake -up call from your no-frills, bullshit-free, in-your-face leader.

This is a volunteer army, and led by an iron – willed, dogmatic, never-going-back witness to what PERSONAL POWER can bring when we ALLOW it.

Stop getting fucked, and let life make love to you.

The very best to you all, now and always,