Mind, Heart, and Swole


Now that my #EpicVoyage posts are all written up and published, I wanted to post another update to point us over to MindHeartSwole.com, where Body and Swole is housed in all its glory 😀

There are so many amazing and wonderful things to come, and I’m putting together 100 Reasons to Lose 100 Pounds, the 8 Wheels One Love project, yoga, fitness classes and training, nutrition, and lots of uplifting greatness to the website, as its all part of what I do as an advisor and coach.

Years ago (I’m talking 20 years now) I was at a leadership conference for at-risk youth, and we had a motivational speaker come in. As he spoke, the row of kids with me kept saying that I need to do that, that I need to look into it when “I grow up.” My whole life I’d been working on uplifting myself and others; I saw what darkness, surrendering to fear, blame, and malaise yields. I knew I could do better.

So, I did with my life what was seemingly impossible to others, and oh boy was it discouraged. It’s hard for people to watch another do what they themselves wanted to do. People will tell us this, to share their darkness. Misery loves company.

Happiness, however, is SO much stronger.

John 1:5 : The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

The concept behind coaching and advising with Body and Swole is to cultivate greatness in Mind, Heart and Swole (mental, spiritual and physical), fully integrated, bringing greatness into our lives by caring for each of these necessary facets.

Things are happening. I’m speaking in the community, working on branching out throughout the state, and I plan to do a tour in November to share the love of wellness, yoga, empowerment, rising above the ashes, skating, and regional food 🙂

I’m also polishing up my challenges and preparing SUPER exciting challenges, and my website has a form for more information on those, and as always, each challenge is customized for the client.

SO excited for what’s happening, and for what’s to come!


Adulting wins and glorious days ahead!


Day 25 into the 30 Days of Skating challenge!


The glow and relief I feel from having no pressure from playing derby is amazing, and aptly timed because SO MUCH is happening.

Right now, life is telling me to enjoy the journey. Find gratitude in what is. Here and now.

I have wants and goals,  but I am reminded that the *what* is my job, and the *how* is none of my business.

So, as I fret about what is going to happen, I find moments where I just let go, trust, and know everything I want is in my life,  and I already am all that I want to be, and I have everything that I need 🙂

PLUS!  This weekend will be our last yoga teacher training, and once I pass everything, I’m all official and certified!

I’ve done a LOT in the past few months, so instead of focus on what I could have done, I’m giving myself a big high five for getting SO much done!

Plus I got another weekly class schedules, and I’m subbing LOTS!  Stuff’s flowing toward me 🙂

Grateful ❤ So grateful for life giving me space for opportunities ❤

‘Round the skating world!


Day 24!


As we near the end of our 30 day skating challenge, we’re readying for the next great adventure!  For me, it’s learning as much as I can to become the best referee that I can be 🙂

I created and posted a survey asking for practice times and days for teams around the country and the world, and I am SO excited to meet these skaters!

My days have been action-packed,

and this weekend is going to be crazy! However, we are in our last weekend of yoga teacher training, so that gives me LOTS of great opportunities!

Day 23 of 30!


23 days into our 30 Days of Skating challenge!


Rocking and rolling!

I got in some skate time right before teaching Cardioga tonight. My body’s feeling all the work I’m doing, in both growth and soreness. Hard training for a big reward 🙂

Today I also completed my second volunteer training with Hospice, and I figure I’ll just do all the trainings so I can do anything!

This week I subbed two 6am classes and learned a bunch and I like teaching that early. Starting next week, I’ll be teaching at 6am on Wed mornings 🙂 

Plus it’s good prep for RollerCon!  We’ll have poolside yoga every morning at 6am ❤

I still have to pull myself from a few rosters and see if I can ref those bouts instead. We're leaving in less than a month…YAY and OMG.

Day 21!


21 days of putting our skates on in a row!


All kinds of things getting done on skates!

This one’s brief;  I gotta get up early to teach at 6am at Blue Moon! Tomorrow morning is a Vinyassa flow class, and Tuesday’s 6am class will be my first 26 postures class. That will be a new experience and I’m excited to give it a go!

New stuff! Adventure!

The greatest storyteller

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Perhaps it’s my affinity for the love language of service, or the fact that I’m a witness to trusting those who take care of me while I’m on the mend, but I’ve always had an appreciation for people who heal others by use of their hands.

It’s been a long and challenging week, and with all the bullshit associated with an accident, I’m just taking it one effing thing at a time. Car shit, insurance, doctor visits, therapy, being so fucking angry and still maintaining healthy eating habits, and just WAITING to hear back on everything. The biggest challenge, however, is heeding the words of my doctor as I undergo physical therapy.  “Take it easy” are the last three words an athlete wants to hear after training like an effing demon and finally starting to see some results. However, I trust my doctor, and I understand that taking it easy now means building a strong foundation for the future. It was a strong foundation that saved my body.

So, as I adjust to all the changes and shit that’s involved in this whole process, I’m just taking it one step at a time. The doctor cleared me for non-contact skating, which thrills me to no end and it looks like I’m on track for not only a full recovery, but as long as I stay smart I can still bout on February 15th.

When he told me to get my skates on and roll around to let my body adjust to skating again, it made my day 🙂 I know I will have to forgo some of my favorite activities until I can get aggressive again, but I am always game for some endurance. Last time during an injury, I had to take a break from endurance and work on upper body. This time. I get to do endurance as my upper body heals.

I’m a Libra, so I can appreciate balance 🙂

My chiropractor has amazing hands, and as someone who is GREAT with using hands, I appreciate it in others. It takes a lot for me to be able to trust another’s touch, so I go through doctors, massage therapists and tattoo artists with a fine comb before allowing them near me. When I find a good one though, I hold onto that person dearly. My massage therapist is the best I’ve had, and I am SO stoked for a massage tonight. She’s got her work cut out for her, glad I upgraded.

Hands are amazing. There are few still-life things that I can draw well, and hands are among the few. Hands are the greatest storyteller because they travel the most. Hands provide so much for us, and communicate in so many ways. I’m a toucher. I’m an emphatic ass-slapper. I appreciate textures and sensations, and I love using my hands.

As I move forward with everything and make adjustments – I’m learning to just fucking go with it and not resist. Just stop giving a shit and go with the flow – I look forward to the future and find gratitude in all that I have and can do. These things take time, but I claim to be patient, and I know building things, whether it’s new or healing, takes time and adaptation.

The patience comes from seeing a long-term outcome. Rest now means I get to be strong tomorrow. Strength is also much more than just physicality; it’s being built and trained like a warrior, yet having the mindset to never ever have to use those tools.

As my body heals, my mind continues to grow. During this next phase of my life, I see a further bond developing between my body and my mind.

It’s interesting how life plays out to teach us the lessons we need to learn and to give us that which we need in order to grow. I hope to keep seeing opportunity in all things, and in continually doing my best and staying true to my character.

I may be a moody and broody healer, but I bounce back and return stronger than ever.

Thankfully, I’m in very good hands 🙂

The Art of Love


I promise, my fitness routine consists of activity aside from yoga…but yoga has been a huge part of my life, especially lately.

On November 28th, I started a personal challenge to practice yoga on a daily basis until I can complete a teacher training course (ideally, through Kula Yoga this summer). In this process, my practice has transformed from a physical competition with myself to a mindful practice of breathing and staying present.

I’m an existentialist and idealist at heart, but also a realist (I have that dichotomous liberty, I’m a Libra for crying out loud). In December, Kula hosted a 30-day meditation challenge, and with attention issues, I decided that if I can’t get my meditation in outside the studio, I’ll at least practice it on the mat. That mindfulness has transformed my practice, and once I stopped giving a damn about the postures, things just started to *happen* with my body.

Over my Christmas vacation, I focused on conditioning my body with multiple workouts a day, pushing myself physically and mentally further than I have thus far (and that’s saying something, I’ve transformed my body over the past three years). When finding that threshold, that edge, there’s a fine line between what I can do and what’s too far. Sometimes we hold back, sometimes we go too far. Either way, there’s so much to learn.

What I’m learning is that the things we talk about and the energies discussed aren’t just fancy words or hocus pocus bullshit. This stuff is real, and it’s happening in my practice, and in my LIFE. Yoga’s influencing so many facets of my life, and learning to take the lessons we pick up on the mat are applicable off the mat as well. That’s WHY we practice!

*deep breath*

And this is where things start getting a bit…out there.

I absolutely love starting my day with a 5:30AM practice, and though I love ALL the classes, this one has become a necessity. A dear friend and fellow yogi got me up early enough to attend this class a few times and then it just became habit. Over my vacation, I was up every morning at 5:00AM to get to the studio for the 5:30AM Sunrise Flow class.

The class is so damn early and I have no time to think, and I just *do*. I’ve come into more postures in this class than any other, so when mental things started happening, it really should not have come as a surprise.

It all started with the color yellow.

Sometimes after an especially physical practice (like Hip Hop Glow or Detox Flow), my third eye will open clearly and I see luminous, brilliant, pure white light. That’s happened a few times, and then, I started seeing colors, starting with yellow. As I go through this life transition of embarking on my personal legend (I totally stole that phrase from my favorite book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho), I am finding my own personal power (the topic of my last post) and understanding that not only do I believe in myself, but it’s truly just a matter of time before I manifest all the things I want and what I want to do with my life. I had a realization that instead of work for my life, I want my life to work for me. I am pursuing that with focus, vision, and a commitment to excellence.

Then, I started a 24-Day Challenge with my fitness and nutrition coach last Wednesday. I felt great when I did Sunrise Yoga that morning, but as I was readying for the day, I was having troubles breathing. By taking the day off, I wanted to focus on the root of my breathing issue (anxiety). I took Kim’s 9AM Vin/Yin class, and it pretty much healed my life.

As we were finishing our Yin and about to hit svasana, I had this overwhelming feeling like I was about to burst into sobs, and then this image of orange dust shooting out of my lungs hit just as this cough/sneeze escaped me. When that happened, I felt like all the shit in my body and mind had come out and that RIGHT NOW everything I want is going to happen.

Speaking with folks who know about these chakra colors and stuff, I was instructed to focus on the next chakra, the Red Chakra, which is the Root Chakra. Unintentionally, I wore red to the following class, which was last night’s Yin.

When I walked into the studio, it was already full with mats (which I LOVE! Full classes make me SO happy, great sharing our practice with so many folks!), and I found a spot near the instructor, close to my friend Mecca, and nearby another instructor. Mecca and I shared a hug, and we spoke about my experiences with the chakras that I had shared in our yoga group on Facebook. I felt our energies and it was so strong, and almost overwhelming to the point of me wanting to come out. Mecca held me further and I let him let me go when it was time. I’m learning more about not being the first to let go of a hug, I know why I’m insecure about being hugged but I’m getting past it (or at least learning to just go with it and allow people to embrace me). After, I said to him, “doing yoga and things that heal us bring us close to people going through the same experience, and though it won’t quite heal a broken heart, it brings the pieces closer together.”

We don’t quite “get over” the things that have happened in our lives. We could go into this whole discussion about God and free will and why things happen the way they do. Simply put, shit happens. That’s life. God’s the hand we reach for when we need to find the Light again and rise up. I say God is Good, just without the extra O because He is omnipotent and doesn’t need the redundant letter 🙂

Back to last night’s Yin – so we went into a Camel pose toward the end of the practice, and Camel and backbends are definitely my forte (which is odd because I was formerly disabled from a spinal injury). However, we held that bitch for like 15 breaths, and usually 5 breaths is pushing it. The longer we held it, the further I went into it, and the further I went, holy shit the more stuff was happening.

My mind went totally clear, and I saw a black canvass. Then, I saw my body, standing, palms out, and I saw all of my blood vessels, and my heart was beating red, radiating energy into and all around me. Tendrils became roots, and roots dissipated into smoke, and there was an aura of red all around and radiating from me.

I’ve needed rooting, it’s helping me stay calm and focused. I KNOW things are happening and it’s only a matter of time before I get precisely everything I want (I mean hell, it’s already happening). However, at this time, my ass needs some SERIOUS grounding. Though I have one foot firmly placed in reality, deeply rooted and grounding me, the other foot is out in who knows where, dancing and flailing about. While it’s good and well to be curious and continually explore, I admittedly have been distracted from my primary objective.

Now is the perfect time to focus.

Once I started taking better care of myself, I was amazed  what and whom was coming into my life. Then, I started making lists of what I want, and as I continued to improve my life, better things kept coming in.

As I continue this practice of self-love, it teaches me further Truth when it comes to love. Love is infinitely abundant, it’s all good, all the time, because the Source is pure. True love means unconditional love, no attachment or expectations, and given for the sake of giving. It recognizes that infinite good within us all. We are all stemmed from life itself, a gift and a blessing, and even if someone acts like total bag of dicks, we can at least recognize the Light of good within that person.

A friend asked me earlier, “how do you tolerate fake people?” and my response to her was the same that I wrote above – by recognizing that we are all created by God (pick your name/definition/identity; I see God as the One Love, the ultimate Good, all Light and the Source), and that we live with that spirit within us always. God is a living entity. He comes out when we do good, when we are around good, and *especially* when we need a Light in dark times.

This post surely has gone on long enough, and the root of the matter is this – real things are happening, and it’s not just theory and visualizing anymore. It’s now about opening my mind, heart, and body for the possibilities that are presenting themselves now, and like any opportunity, hard work and luck have converged to make this happen.

I’m so excited about the future, and to discover further what staying rooted will bring me. Once an old friend shared with me something imparted to her before she was getting ready to go to college: we are given roots and wings. Our roots keep us strongly grounded, and our wings give us the ability to go out into the world, discover, explore, and contribute.

I believe one of the greatest lessons in life is learning how to stay humble and remember where we come from as we embark on our own personal legend. We all come from somewhere; it has molded us into the people we are. Always remember that. We cannot escape it and we can never get past it, nor do we ever get over it. We learn to live with it (roots) and it gives us strength to share and grow with others (wings).

My heart is strong the way that proud flesh is – something stronger forms in the healing process, and my heart is incredibly strong. That’s why I’m able to be so damn open. Sure it still hurts sometimes and every now and then, like an old injury in cold weather, I feel a sting from the past. However, I rise again; I always rise. I trust the strength of my heart, as it has gotten me this far, has been a trustworthy guide, and even with the ups and downs and investing in some fruitless endeavors, in the end I’ve always come out stronger, wiser, and better prepared for the next adventure.

The love and strength in my heart will keep me here, keep me grounded here on this Earth. My roots keep me real, and my wings will bring me further closer to my dreams.

May your wings spread widely and take you to great heights, and may your roots bring you home where your heart truly belongs.