Mind, Heart, and Swole


Now that my #EpicVoyage posts are all written up and published, I wanted to post another update to point us over to MindHeartSwole.com, where Body and Swole is housed in all its glory 😀

There are so many amazing and wonderful things to come, and I’m putting together 100 Reasons to Lose 100 Pounds, the 8 Wheels One Love project, yoga, fitness classes and training, nutrition, and lots of uplifting greatness to the website, as its all part of what I do as an advisor and coach.

Years ago (I’m talking 20 years now) I was at a leadership conference for at-risk youth, and we had a motivational speaker come in. As he spoke, the row of kids with me kept saying that I need to do that, that I need to look into it when “I grow up.” My whole life I’d been working on uplifting myself and others; I saw what darkness, surrendering to fear, blame, and malaise yields. I knew I could do better.

So, I did with my life what was seemingly impossible to others, and oh boy was it discouraged. It’s hard for people to watch another do what they themselves wanted to do. People will tell us this, to share their darkness. Misery loves company.

Happiness, however, is SO much stronger.

John 1:5 : The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

The concept behind coaching and advising with Body and Swole is to cultivate greatness in Mind, Heart and Swole (mental, spiritual and physical), fully integrated, bringing greatness into our lives by caring for each of these necessary facets.

Things are happening. I’m speaking in the community, working on branching out throughout the state, and I plan to do a tour in November to share the love of wellness, yoga, empowerment, rising above the ashes, skating, and regional food 🙂

I’m also polishing up my challenges and preparing SUPER exciting challenges, and my website has a form for more information on those, and as always, each challenge is customized for the client.

SO excited for what’s happening, and for what’s to come!

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