Epic Voyage: Part 1 – Daytona to Dallas…and then Las Vegas!

cross country road trip

I’m currently listening to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Covey literally just said, “before you go on a trip, you determine your destination and plan out the best route.”

Well…not if it’s me 🙂

The plan I had in mind was to get to Dallas safely, drive to Arizona after that, and then hit Las Vegas to attend RollerCon. Since I’d lived in Dallas for quite a while in the past, I knew spending the night with friends would not be a problem, and I also reached out to a friend in Arizona for a place to crash. I waited until the last minute to ask and work it all out, and thankfully it worked fantastically 🙂 However, even this loose “plan” was further modified, so once again, flying by the seat of my pants, buddy! Winging it!

Which was, by FAR, the best way to go on this trip. Again, I had NO CLUE how I was going to pull it off, but I knew that I *wanted* it, and I *HAD* to do it. After all, EVERYTHING had been challenged and yet I still believed.

I’ll give the secret away and say I got to do everything I wanted to do and so much more. I listened to my heart, surrendered and trusted, and that was definitely the way to go. It’s about having an intention, doing work, and not expecting it to work out a certain way. It’s trusting THAT it will work, and not caring HOW it will work.

For real, I would have never seen things turn out the way they did, and thank God. My mind is limited. Amazingly inspired things happened, and that definitely was God’s work.

By the by, God is really just good, without the extra O. God doesn’t need redundancy, He’s omnipotent 😀

So! Hitting the road, yo! Here’s how the journey went, from Daytona to Dallas, and then to Las Vegas:

Saturday was the day we planned to leave Daytona, and I was SUPER stoked to thunder away at the day! I did yoga in the morning, and after I got home, my friend Miriam from Miami and I did some shopping and food prep to have lots to bring with us on the road and to save costs. I then took the laundry I washed and dried (and neglected to fold  :P) and kinda threw a bunch of stuff in my bag as I “packed,” It was more a “SHIT I’M RUNNING LATE” scattering of tossing, rolling up, and grabbing. Thankfully, I grabbed a LOT of stuff. A LOT. Even with the experience of RollerCon under my belt from 2014, I knew that I didn’t need a lot of stuff…but I panicked, I was driving so I had the space (LMAO ohhh boy how that changed), and I figured better to have too much than not enough.

That actually served me well because the whole two and a half weeks I was on the road, I had exactly enough underwear, socks and bras…and a veritable shit-ton of shirts, leggings, bandannas and hats.

Plus it was RollerCon, so you know I came home with more than I brought 😛

After my chaotic packing, we headed to Destination Daytona for derby! Sintral Florida Derby Demons played and again I got to ref 🙂 I can’t remember much from the bout, other than it was fun, and we made an Irish exit and bounced the fuck out to hit the road!!!


Car packed, ref duties over, ready to roll!!!


We met up with Furious George, owner and artist of Five Second Skate Gear, in Tallahassee, FL. Georgie was in Tally for a bout as Dub City took on Capital Punishment. Georgie and I spoke before I left Daytona and we discussed her logistic needs for RollerCon. I advised her to buy all her supplies in Florida to save money (imagine how much more it’d be in Vegas?! Plus the cab ride? Fuggedaboutit!) and I’d transport and deliver them to Vegas for her. She filled my gas tank in exchange. BOOM! DEAL!

See, that’s what I mean by stuff just coming together. A tank of gas gets me 400+ miles. Plus I was gifted a Shell Gas gift card TWO DAYS before the trip, and that card got me TWO tanks of gas ❤

Trust and surrender…that shit works!

After Tally, we continued our drive to Dallas, and it would’t be a proper trip on I-10 if we didn’t stop in New Orleans 🙂 Miriam had NEVER been to Cafe Du Monde!!!


So we put and end to that! She enjoyed beignets and an iced Cafe Au Lait, chicory-style 🙂 She even kept the bag of sugar – as anyone who has ever been here knows, you get a bag of sugar with your beignets 😛


Since I don’t eat sugary things nor drink coffee, I just enjoyed the people, the scenery, and the smells around me. We got there just before dawn, and there were still party revelers wandering, eating, and hanging out from the previous evening 🙂 New Orleans, so much love!

On the way out, we enjoyed a gorgeous sunrise in New Orleans on the ride out to Dallas!


Driving through the Louisiana countryside, from parish to parish, we made our way down I-10 until we hit TEXAS!!!!


FUCK YEAH, TEXAS! Even the ENTHUSIASM is bigger in Texas!

It took a few more hours until we hit Dallas, met up with a friend, hung out, and then visited another friend and crashed for a few hours/the night.

I’ve been forthright and authentic in this entire journey, from 100 Reasons to Lose 100 Pounds, to this blog, to my yoga practice *and* instruction, so I’m just gonna say this. The last time I was in Dallas, I got to visit my friend Sasha. She passed away last March, and when I visited her home (a friend is taking care of the house and we stayed there), I asked my buddy if Sasha ever comes to visit him, and he said yes. Later on, I saw her walk by, across the hall, from her old bedroom to the guest room. It was like a sneaky hide-and-seek, youthful, playful “did you see me?!” moment 🙂 I was happy; not scared, and glad that I got to see that. It gave me closure to know she’s okay; I mean I know that she is, but now I also feel it ❤

We slept for a few hours, got up early as fuuuuck (3AM), and hit the road again!


Me and my tired crackdaddy eyes 😛

As we drove across Texas, the landscape was flat yet lovely, and it was cool to see lots of sustainable energy sources on the way – I was THRILLED!

From Texas we hit New Mexico, which was quite beautiful and I look forward to visiting the state again and spend more time there 🙂


With all that gorgeous landscape in New Mexico, the pic we took was at a fuckin’ truckin’ stop 😛 But, it’s a fun picture, sooooo yay 🙂

And then, Arizona!



We found this groovy scenic view stop and enjoyed the scenic view!



I have a penchant for goats. They crack me up. I think they’re damn funny and I want lots. I mean…dude. GOATS!


We also left Arizona on a high note by feeling up her lady humps.

The plan was to continue to Prescott, AZ, spend the night, and then leave super early again to head straight to Vegas so we could get there on Tuesday by 8AM. The GPS said it would take two and a half hours to get to Prescott and then three hours to Vegas the next day, and out of curiosity, I plugged Vegas into the GPS and we learned that, from where we were, we could get to Vegas in four hours.


After some brainstorming and social networking, we asked around to see if anyone was in Vegas that night and would let us crash. Our friend Pixie and her husband responded, so we skipped Prescott and went straight for Vegas!



Pixie and Jason were awesome hosts, and we finally got more than 5 hours’ sleep! Which we needed, because Tuesday morning, all four of us had shit to do and we hit the ground RUNNIN’!


Miriam, Pixie and Jason had volunteer shifts,so Miriam and I got an eaaarly start and got this FABULOUS picture 🙂

I was running a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel, and to and from grocery stores. I’m a hustler, so you know I charged for these rides, and at fair rates and with outstanding hospitality 🙂


Some of my favorite skaters from Molly Roger Rollergirls ❤ I fucking love these people. LOVE ❤

Then, checked into the hotel with Miriam and Amazon!


Amazon, Miriam and I!

I then took a moment to go and register to get that out of the way and ran into people!!! DERBY PEOPLE!!!


Fluffy and Milo from Tampa – Team Florida represent!!!


Milo met Jerry Seltzer

I did a few more shuttles and had several more adventures 🙂

TuesRidesThis is also just a classic Vegas moment 🙂 I was waiting for one of my customers to exit the grocery store and this is where we met. Right where a woman was getting arrested 😛


Piper, the birthday girl, me, and Dee Mented of Molly Rogers ❤


That night the Mollies and I went out, and since it was Piper’s birthday, we went out on the town and had an AWESOME night 🙂 We watched the fountain shows at Bellagio, met cool people, ate, and just hung out, laughing, talking, and riding elevators the wrong way 😛

After we got back the hotel, Georgie’s flight came in and I met her at the hotel to deliver her art supplies. I was dog-tired, but super glad to help out, especially after she literally helped get me to Las Vegas 🙂

All in all, an excellent start to our stay in Vegas, which would span over the course of a week.

There is so, so much more, and Part 2 is all about RollerCON!!!

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