Jacksonville with Saints Augustine and Louis

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My cross country road trip was amazingly epic, and I’ve got a lot of stuff to go through, & I would like to do a four-part post on the journey. Today, I want to focus on the adventures I had in Jacksonville and St. Augustine!

Jacksonville hosted both St Louis women’s and men’s teams, as well as the women’s and men’s teams from Tampa. So, last night the Jacksonville teams took on the Louis teams, and this morning there was a hangover about starting at 8 a.m., and like last night it was a double header with the St. Louis teams, men’s and women’s, taking on the respective Tampa teams.

It was some pretty great derby, but in all truth, I was really just excited to see all of these awesome Florida people back here at home again! Next week Tampa is hosting the annual Franky Panky tournament, and it was pretty awesome getting to see a lot of those folks this weekend before seeing them next weekend as well. A friend and I are splitting a hotel in Tampa for Saturday night, and I’ll be helping out in various capacities 🙂 I’m just happy to be a part of the derby community ❤

Yesterday I had the opportunity to teach two consecutive hot yoga classes, so I after teaching in Palm Coast, I hauled ass to St. Augustine, had a wonderful lunch at the Gypsy Cab Company, and then came to the campsite and got set up. I had a little bit of time to chill out and scope things out before going up to Jacksonville for the first double header. After the bouts last night, I came back for a while and was able to make a fire out of some pretty soggy wood I found around the campsite (I've always brought my own wood, & I have a ton at the house, but when I left the house at 6 a.m. yesterday, I wasn't really thinking about a weekend of camping so I didn't bring much of anything aside from my chair and tent :-P). I mean, what I got out of this is that I found some pretty groovy places to skate around, check out some landmarks, and decide what to do better next time I come in camp at Anastasia State Park. The park is beautiful, and to be forthright, for a public campgrounds it is pretty pricey for the evening. It was $30, which is about a third more than I typically pay for camping. Plus the check out time was 1 p.m., which I discovered when I came to the campsite at 4 and my tent was gone. Thankfully the rangers were kind and brought it right up to me at the ranger station. Lesson learned, read the guide instead of rely on previous experiences. So it did throw me a bit off, but again lesson learned 🙂

Skating around St. Augustine was pretty easy in the sense that things are near each other, and the street, pavement, and even the brick roads can be skated. Just watch out for the cars and horses 🙂

I skated around the fort and bridge today 🙂



Yay! Skated up and down my first bridge!

This afternoon I had lunch at a local cheesesteak joint, and it was damn good. Admittedly, I’m still a bit in vacation mode, especially when I’m traveling. Though I’m still working out, my nutrition has slipped a bit, and I’m looking forward to cleaning things up over the next few weeks to get back to where I was. Accepting that progress is a gradual process, and not something that happens drastically to form sustainable habits, I realize that I am allowed to be patient with myself, and am actually encouraged to allow myself to gently let good habits build back again. Like muscles, they take shorter to retrain than the original conditioning 🙂

Here’s a bit of a teaser regarding my cross country road trip – I now know that in addition to maintaining a domicile in Florida, I would like to set myself up in Colorado as well. It’s a good spot between here and California, two places that I want to have land, business, and roller derby activities.

The trip was amazing, and all of my friends have consistently been telling me that they have thoroughly enjoyed my journey, and have been living vicariously through me. I also know that this was not just a one-time experience, nor just an annual thing. I know that this is something that I enjoy doing, and that there’s definitely an appreciation for sharing that journey. Sharing my journey.

And that is what this is all about 🙂

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