30 Days of skating – DAY 30!

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It’s pretty EPIC AND AMAZING that 30 days ago we started with 1200 skaters from around the world with one objective – lace up our skates every day. So many of us had to settle for wearing skates around the house and do chores, study or just lounge around if we had no time to actually skate.

I saw some VERY impressive mileage times, several of them surpassing my own times. KUDOS! ❤ These speed skaters are top notch!

ALL these skaters are!

That is what this has been ALL about.

I wanted to build people up.  I wanted to train hard in June so I could play derby again.

But I got so much more out of it.

Meeting, speaking with, helping, and encouraging these folks was just as good for me as it was for them ❤

I get to meet a ton of them on my road trip. I leave two weeks from Sunday. OMG.

There is so much to do but I am SO ready to get things going.  It can be scary, but it is so worth it. So, so worth it. 



The timing has all been God's work. This has all been an experience in living from the heart's guidance 🙂

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