Mondays have become my favorite

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…hear me out on this Monday thing.

I love beginnings. Sunrise is to me the greatest thing to behold visually, and the feeling it evokes is splendid 😀

This week I am teaching three 6am yoga classes as well as Cardioga. I love teaching the super early class. These people got shit to do, and they are ready to go.  At 6am 🙂 I’m cool with it because I did 5:30am yoga every weekday for two months before I started teacher training.


I had a great conversation with Kat, who runs Flat Mat Yoga. Super stoked to talk more about that, and to see her in Vegas in a few weeks!


Today I planned more of my road trip out and coordinated more details with my Vegas roommates…this is happening!

Speaking of skating, we’re 29 days in for the 30 Days of Skating challenge!


I cannot wait to travel the country and meet these people ❤


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