28, going great!

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Almost through our 30 Days of Skating challenge!  28 days strong!


This challenge was SUCH a great thing to be a part of, and as I sit here in ny skates,  I’m looking at this and marveling at how amazing things work out.


We got our certificates today, celebrated, and got all share-time and said how much we love each other and how much this group and this experience have enriched our lives. A bunch of folks told me that I grew the most and made the most change.

I had this moment in this morning’s practice where I realized how God answered a prayer of mine. I asked Him to help me always see His light in me.

These people were that answer. 

It’s happened.

We find these things in a search, not by doing the same thing the same way and always getting the same result.

The unknown is where the brave venture into. We learn that bravery means recognizing fear, and going onward anyway.

Derby healed and broke me in so many ways, and it’s all been useful and beneficial. 

Yoga has only done good for me. Even the “bad” parts served me well.

The timing is so serendipitous that it’s almost laughable.  Skating made this month and this unknown ahead all the more exciting, and instead of bracing myself with fear, I am opening my heart and pockets for ALL GOOD things and  ONLY good things to find their way to me.

The flower doesn’t dream of the bee, it blossoms and the bee comes.

Lacey wrote that in a journal she gave me, and it perfectly sums up the mindset I want to keep as I press on.

I feel good ❤


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