To bear the light, one must endure the burning

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27 days in, our 30 Days of Skating challenge is nearing the close!


This isn’t the end; the plan all along was to encourage and establish a habit to find opportunities to get any time on skates in any way possible!

I skated after we finished taking our finals for yoga teacher training. Sore, emotionally and physically worn out, I took it easy for the start and just rolled around, and when I felt like it (errr like when cars were coming), I sped up. It was just a casual, no expectations skate πŸ™‚

Oi and kinda failed this photobomb, but we passed our tests!!


Our graduating class ❀


Photo credit Greg Hunter

My guru and I after lots of tears and hugs ❀


In the past six months, my life has been systematically disseminated and broken apart bit by bit. While this initially appeared to be a loss (which caused suffering), it took time to heal that fresh wound and for me to see with clear eyes how many opportunities will present themselves. After all, I start every day with a clean slate and a prayer of surrender and gratitude. What better place to start from? πŸ˜€

Wounds take time to heal, and even when they do, both physical and the mental scars remain. We are forever changed by what happens in our lives,  and often too late do we realize how much more we could have done, “if only.”

“If only I had more money.”
“If only I were pretty.”
“If only I were straight.”
“If only I were more honest with myself.”

Next week I finish my final volunteer training with Hospice, and then I can volunteer in a variety of ways. I plan to start in the kitchen, because one of the best ways to give people love is through good food.

When we were asked what got us interested in Hospice and working with them, I shared with them that everybody deserve second chances, and the times in which we are scared and alone are the most important to know that somebody cares.

Too often, hindsight is impeccable. “If only.”

There is now. Only now.

I want to share stories of empowerment, faith, persistence, success, honor, hope, and inspiration. I have *plenty* of them, and as I continue to learn and grow, so shall my experiences and my stories πŸ™‚

Great stories come from overcoming challenges, and the harder the challenge,  the better the story.

To bear the light, one must endure the burning.

Shining on, brighter and brighter ❀

I feel light and free…now. My body aches and my head hurts, but the hard part is over. My hips got so damn open (OWE.) and I cried bunches, and then it got better.

It always gets better.

The Light endures all ❀

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. – John 1:5

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