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Well, first there’s all this fabulousness:





But, before getting a wife, first I gotta keep living my life!

26 days into the 30 days of skating challenge, and we are cranking it out!!


This week my skating took a bit of a break, and though I still skated every day, I had to put work into preparing for our final weekend of teacher training before we become fully official and certified yoga instructors.

My ass is *still* sore. But after tonight’s class, I’m just…


There were tears tonight, and a slew of emotions that rose up in those postures, especially the hip opening progression. I had to come out and let my body rest. I worked to fatigue, and then to brink of pain.

So, again a reminder that this is a practice. 

“Don’t try hard. Try easy.” – Baron Baptiste

I am completely exhausted in every sense, but we are nearing the end of one learning experience, and eagerly looking to the next.

Here’s to honoring all that we practice, and may we always grow and learn in all of our experiences 

And more of this.





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