Adulting wins and glorious days ahead!


Day 25 into the 30 Days of Skating challenge!


The glow and relief I feel from having no pressure from playing derby is amazing, and aptly timed because SO MUCH is happening.

Right now, life is telling me to enjoy the journey. Find gratitude in what is. Here and now.

I have wants and goals,  but I am reminded that the *what* is my job, and the *how* is none of my business.

So, as I fret about what is going to happen, I find moments where I just let go, trust, and know everything I want is in my life,  and I already am all that I want to be, and I have everything that I need 🙂

PLUS!  This weekend will be our last yoga teacher training, and once I pass everything, I’m all official and certified!

I’ve done a LOT in the past few months, so instead of focus on what I could have done, I’m giving myself a big high five for getting SO much done!

Plus I got another weekly class schedules, and I’m subbing LOTS!  Stuff’s flowing toward me 🙂

Grateful ❤ So grateful for life giving me space for opportunities ❤

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