Let your heart break as many times as possible, these will be the greatest moments of your life

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Day 20 into the 30 days of skating challenge!




I got to do a bunch of yoga today,  trail skate, and ref a bout šŸ™‚ An amazing day with great people, doing things we love doing ā¤

Our Zebra crew tonight was pretty bad ass šŸ˜€


Yoga was a great way to get started, and I always do yoga on a bout day! Since I, like MANY, spend way too much time in my own head, over-thinking shit. Yoga clears the slate so I can see with clear eyes and an open heart. A hard practice leads to VERY happy things. 

Yoga and skating always challenge me and there is always room to grow, so there’s so much appeal šŸ™‚

What holds true for skating holds true for yoga, and really life altogether.

“Let your heart break as many times as possible, these will be the greatest moments of your life.” – Christy Lecuyer

Christy says this at the end of yoga practices, and most of the time I’m like, “fuck yeah!” and sometimes I’m like, “FUCK YOU.”

Today’s practice was more of the latter šŸ˜›

Peace, love,  light, and holy God my ass is still sore from this week’s training. WOW. So holding an unsupported Dragon for a while sucked. I got maaaaad.

Just as I was breathing like an anger-breathing dragon, Christy says, “think of someone you need to forgive” and I started with her and then ran through a whole list. Two things hit me : 1) I am human and healing is part of my journey and 2) this is my choice to stay in this posture that I usually don’t hold this way for this long.

Once again, the whole concept of free will hit me. A yoga instructor is our guide. We ultimately decide what to do in the practice.

This hits every note in life. We are the only ones in control of our actions. Blaming others for our mistakes, lies, and self-abusive shit only strips the freedom of free will from us.

A big shift is happening, and lots of room has been made for growth and opportunity. With change comes the unknown, and facing what is holding us back. 

It happens in steps, in moments, each breath, one at a time.

So, though I abhor hearing her say it, every time it’s exactly what I need to hear. 

Just let it break. It’s our job to figure out what to fill in the spaces between šŸ™‚

I only want good stuff to go in there, and I have the power to choose what to let inside ā¤

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