Loves of my life

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Today is day 17 of the 30 Days of Skating challenge!



I made some interesting phone calls today and…good seeds have been planted 😀

Today I got an early start,  and taught yoga at YogaStudio8 in Palm Coast at 7am and 9am. Met some new people, praticed with familiar folks, and got to goof around afterwards on my skates 😀

Later on I taught my regular Wednesday class, and took a friend's class on the river. Yoga all damn day, and HAPPY to do it! Great day, and I needed it 🙂

I also caught myself checking out my reflection when I was tidying up after one of the classes…


I’ve been through ups and downs,  which is all part of the process with managing a lifestyle adjustment.

This is the upswing.

Great things are happening. 

I’m leaner, faster, and getting more cut, I feel more calm in my mind, and my heart is lighter. 

This is the next chapter.

There’s no starting over, no new beginnings, time race is on
just gotta keep on keepin on
Got to keep on going, looking straight out on the road
Can’t worry about what’s behind you or what’s coming for you further up the road
Silver Lining by First Aid Kit

3 thoughts on “Loves of my life

  1. I love the red white & blue outfit. You’re styling!! Congratulations on your improvement & good luck with the rest of your journey!!


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