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I’m a bit excited, because Mondays are when my buddy Durdy and I get to skate, and then I take yoga at 6:30! Today also marks the halfway point of our 30 Days of Skating challenge!






Glad we practiced our mula bandha engagement this weekend in training!


After I left Durdy’s and headed to yoga, I had this huge wave of relief and forgiveness wash over me, and a SECOND later,  someone passed me on the road that I had JUST been thinking about. 

I had a dream about this woman on Thursday night, and in the dream I told her to go fuck herself. So, I clearly needed to address, accept,  and alchemize that anger. Today in our adventures, Durdy spoke about learning to realize people have their own shit, and we all just need to love ourselves.  We talked about the courage to be weird,  the strength to be brave, the experiences that teach us humility and compassion. 

The past few days have been cathartic and exhausting, and it’s been a cleansing, renewing process. More pieces are falling into place,  and I know and trust that good things are continuing to flow my way, and I’m happy to let them.

Let it flow,  let it flow 🙂

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