The gift of choice, and the power of will

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It’s already day 14 of the 30 Days of Skating challenge! The month is flying by, and RollerCon is nearing!!!


These skaters ❤

It's a big deal for me to be a part of this,  not only to be strong and lead 1200+ people through an international challenge, but to be human, vulnerable, and authentic about my journey.

This morning, I had a setback. I woke up in massive pain, the worst since the accident. By the grace of God, I haven't taken any pain pills or muscle relaxers (though they were prescribed, I chose not to fill them), but today I thought about it.

However,  yesterday we had a foam roller workshop, which was aptly timed! I rolled out some of the junk in my back and had a bit of relief before our last training day of the weekend.

When Kim told us that injuries are our best teachers, she wasn't playing around.  This has humbled me, and even bigger, has taught me to accept things as they are. Even deeper…

…accepting myself as I am.

I am.

There is so much power in that.

“I am” is the shortest and most powerful sentence; it is complete by itself, and though simple, it is incredibly profound. 

Just like the sentence “I am” is complete, so am I.

I was told I said something deep and fitting at the end of class during savasana, and though I have no clue what words I used, I spoke about the power of I Am, and the gift of choice. That is our greatest power. 

Free will.

No one “makes” us do anything.  Sure, people can inspire us, but we are masters of our actions, owners of the thoughts that create our reality.

So, today I chose to fully accept myself, as I am. There may be things I want to change, but it ain’t gonna stick if I don’t accept and appreciate life NOW.

The present is all there is.  We only get moments.

So let’s make each and every single one count  ❤

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