Jammers NEVER die

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Woke up at 4:45am feeling sore, bummed, and shitty. My back is hurting and those familiar,  depressing thoughts crept in. “Will I play again? Was the doctor right? Am I fooling myself?”

We do the best we can with what we have. I have this body; it’s survived so much, and it can do a hell of a lot.

Our strength is in our will, and mine is made of iron.

Today, tomorrow, whenever. I am unstoppable.

And I WILL be back.

So, today I sneak in a skate in the house before another full day of training. Sure, I’m sore as fuck.

But my determination is stronger than my pain, my will is more impactful than the shit that caused it, and my body is capable of amazing things.

So, fuck the doctors, fuck the injuries of the past, and fuck the doubt.

I am Smash,  and I will rise again.


#8wheelsonelove #Bodyandswole #30daysofskating #skateeverydamnday #day14of30 #UNSTOPPABLE #Jammersneverdie #PBJ #TeamVagine #VagineRegime #allbodies

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