Zen on Day 10

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Day 10! Every day people say how glad they are doing the 30 days of skating challenge, and TWICE today I heard the BEST thing.

“I’m feeling more comfortable on my skates.”


As for me, I got to do everything I wanted today.

Skated 5.5 miles to the fitness center, took BodyPump class, had some lunch and packed the rest for the trip home,  skated home,  finished lunch,  danced in the rain, taught yoga, went to Jacksonville and reffed there.


Can I just say again how much I love the derby community?!?

Plus I got some more speaking and video work done.

So right now I’m actually getting to do all of the things that I said I would love to do if I wasn’t burdened with a “job.”

Fuck jobs.

When the heart has good intentions, when we help people, and when these things make us happy, it ain’t “work.”

It’s purpose.

I settled for too damn long and listened too much to the wrong people about all the wrong things. I’ve been right all along.

Do. What. Makes. You.  HAPPY!!


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