Shut up and take the goddamn compliment!!!

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Do you know how awesome you are? I didn’t even want to take the time to put my breakfast in a bowl, so I’m eating it right out of the pan so I can share this with you guys.


You. Are. AWESOME.  But I can’t convince you of this, nor can I show you how great you really are. Why do I know this? Because I’m the kind of person that can come to tears when somebody tells me that I am great. When somebody gives me a compliment, I struggle with just accepting it, struggle with just savoring it like a delicious bite of a scrumptuous, indulgent dish. People give us these amazing gift so that we can enjoy them, but we don’t have to compare or compete with ourselves with the people who give us these things to try to one up them. When we’re given a compliment, do that person a favor by accepting that compliment graciously. Stop giving reasons about why you’re not the wonderful thing that they are calling you. You want to know why they’re calling you that thing? They’re calling you that wonderful thing because they recognize that aspect in you that reflects their own greatness. So by accepting a compliment, you are giving the other person permission to be great, and bask in the light of greatness together.

So when I tell you you are awesome, shut up and take the god damn compliment! Quit playing small, and together let’s clear the storm cloud of negativity with radiant, bright light!

And for fuck’s sake, if any of you say, “oh I’m not like you, I don’t know how to be like that, oh it comes so easily for you”… have you been paying attention the last 6 months? The last year? Some of you have been with me for quite some time, and you’ve seen the ebb and flow of our limited time together. Life has not been easy, nor will it ever be easy. Life is tough, but so am I.

Brightness is not beautiful by itself. It takes the darkness to appreciate how luminous, incredible, and persistent that light is.

Stop playing small and come with me on an epic journey of growth, dream fulfillment, and unleashing all of our genius! Join, or just watch from the sidelines. Everybody is welcome, but when the train leave the station, don’t bitch about missing the ride.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” – John 1:5

Which do you choose today? Sinking into the darkness, or realizing that you’ve always had the power all along to get up and be the light?

Words are lovely and all, but actions create results. Read this, enjoy it, be inspired and all, but fucking do something amazing today!

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