Day 9 and we lookin fine!

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Day 9, lots of enthusiasm, momentum,  and encouragement from the 30 days of skating challenge!


We are getting work done!!!

As for me, Tuesdays are a great training day, since I teach a high intensity intervals class, and take Buti yoga right after.


Christy kicks our ass in class and then shares empowerment. Teaching and leading people means allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, to help others grow.

“Injuries are the best teacher.” – Kim Davies

It is a lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way a bunch of times,  but with each mistake, we learn more and are less likely to do it the same way.

Today I got a chance to get some heavy shit off my chest, and I’m readying for the next big leap forward. I talk often about breaking through a shell, getting outside of the comfort zone,  showing up big, and being authentic.

I’m about to make big changes in my life and have new experiences, and it’s pretty amazing how scary it can be to get something I want.

Scary to get something I want.

…writing it out just…wow.

A good and wise friend advised me to put my skates on and do what I enjoy.  It’ll clear my head. “Don’t make me say I’ll kick your ass.”

Smart advice 🙂


I skated beachside here for the first time since I’ve lived here.

Yeah I’ll be doing that again!!! And next time I’ll make sure I have free time after so I can go swimming when I’m done!

So often, we focus on what we want, neglecting the beauty that surrounds us in the journey. Today I learned to just get the fuck out of my head and do something good for myself. My heart told me to reach out to my friend, and she was the right choice to give me the right advice.

I can’t take credit for the nudge that told me to reach out to her (thanks, God <3), but I will gladly take credit for taking action.

Show up big ❤

One thought on “Day 9 and we lookin fine!

  1. You are an inspiration! I’m on Day 12 and a little sore, but getting ready to meet some skating buddies for morning laps.


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