Yin, Yang, Love, and Skate

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It’s Day 4 of the 30 Days of Skating challenge, and the group is giving it hell! The pictures, stories, and so much variety is a beautiful thing to see and to be a part of ❤


This weekend, I will be reffing Sintral at Molly, which is sure to be a great bout 🙂 Tonight I went to Sintral’s practice, and we finished with endurance.  YAY!

Before skating, I taught the high intensity intervals class at Blue Moon, and was excited the WHOLE day to give them this workout! The playlist was sick,  and I added some new songs…discovering new music also inspires new movements, and we did some pretty crazy awesome stuff tonight 🙂 Tonight’s workout was another one that I felt super duper happy about, and tonight’s class killed it. So, so happy to teach!

I took Jessica’s class this morning and felt so positive and connected in savasana. But then…

…what had happened was…

I felt this immense love for people who have stood up, brave and strong, with class and honor, against oppression. Then, as I felt this love and connection,  this wave of emotion hit me so heavily that just thinking about it now makes my chest tighten.

I felt the burden of the weights that create strength. To see it is to own it. I own strength like a boss because I’ve worked for it myself.

However, my life is pushing me toward finesse, softer things, more…femme stuff.

Balance…a Libra’s favorite 🙂


So, today’s lesson was in appreciating and owning ALL the aspects – femme, butch, yin, yang, love, and SKATE ❤

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