8 Wheels, One Love

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Today marks the second day of the 30 Days of Skating challenge, and skaters around the world are sharing pictures,  videos,  stories, encouragement and support for each other. It’s such a beautiful thing to host and to witness  ❤


People are putting their skates on and getting work done!

Literally, some folks are wearing their skates while working, doing chores, and exercising!

This is so encouraging for us all, and it’s affecting me in a huge way. Yesterday,  my doctor reduced my therapy to once a week. On day one of the challenge. Day ONE.

Imagine what can happen in 30 days 😉

Day 2, donesies!

After Jess’s 9am practice, I squeezed in a skate and core session before a meeting, and then prepared tonight’s class. Taught a class, took a class, and between all that I stayed hydrated, nourished, and kept replenishing my electrolytes. TONS of sweat today!

I am following-up with Sam tomorrow for my measurements. We had to reschedule because my numbers were super wonky on Monday, due to a weekend of yoga and me not hydrating sufficiently the following morning. So, lesson learned, and tomorrow we’ll get more acurate information 🙂

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