30 Days of Skating

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RollerCon is next month  (OMG), and I wanted to get my shit together and get in the best possible shape, so I started a 30 Days of Skating challenge on Facebook.

I thought it’d be a cool way for some friends and I to encourage each other as we ready for our trip!

Well, the event spread all around and we’re over 1100 people in 🙂

What an awesome assemblage of people, and how innovative everyone is getting with finding the time to lace up. It’s a joy to witness how driven this group is!

At the helm is yours truly, and I find leadership by example is my preferred approach.  Be the change you want to see in the world…

…my yogi and derby worlds often collide 😛

So! The challenge is underway, and people are sharing pictures,  stories, and inspiration to keep each other going.

It’s beautiful and amazing, and another way to bring people together to raise each other up.


One love, Team Derby – and all skaters!


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