Beware the emptiness of a busy life


A long while ago, I heard that when people find out they have a terminal illness, naturally people detract from them. This also happens when people have experienced any kind of difficulty, such as losing a job, getting injured, losing a loved one, or any one of many reasons for being down and out. What’s beautiful about these moments is that we see truly remarkable people come to our side, and the people that can bear us at our worst times deserve us at our best.

A friend recently passed away. I’d gotten involved with some of my own life stuff, and lost touch a little bit with some friends of mine. One day I was just missing them, and asked if they would like to catch up and have lunch. I just wanted to see them, & I found out about our loss when we were having lunch together.

Judi was a mother, a partner, a grandmother, a friend, and a light in everyone’s life that she touched. Her son and her partner were the guys that gave me the news.


Today I got to hang out with my buddy Dave, who was Judi’s partner. When he asked me to join him on a bike ride, I thought of my to-do list for the day, and all the stuff I need to do to prepare myself for the week ahead. But,  I gave my word and I was gonna do it. On my ride to our meetup spot, my chain came off and I had to fix it, my gears, and get my settings right again. I was a bit afraid I might have a problem,  but trusted I could fix it.

We met up, had a beautiful ride, an awesome lunch, and the best part was just enjoying the company of a good friend.


I told Dave about some things that I’m working on to propel my life in the direction that I envisioned for a long time, and I’m ready to finally take the big leap. When I told him about the kind of car I want, as we were riding around beachside Ponce Inlet, he said, “now you can start looking for the kind of real estate you want to park that car at!” 🙂

We all have different reasons for pains of the heart. I realized again today the importance of being around people, to stay involved and not isolate myself, and to be aware of the emptiness of a full life.

There were more surprises today,  as Dave and I took an impromptu trip to Jacksonville!  So, my to-do list for the day went by the wayside, and in all candor,  I don’t mind one bit 🙂

And Judi, I’ll keep an eye on him ❤

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