When does the posture begin?

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One of life’s remarkable lessons that I’m learning is how to take my intensity down and still be passionate, yet refined. I gotta learn how to slow down and still be my awesome self. 

Balance. I’m such a Libra. Life’s always been about finding balance.

Jodi, one of the owners and bad ass instructors at Kula Yoga says, “when does the posture begin? When we want to come out.”

Growth happens when we go just past discomfort. Athletes know this all too well. We work past our mental blocks and just let our bodies DO things.  Our muscles are remarkable, regrowing and strengthening from struggle.

Life itself is fucking uncomfortable. We do things we don’t need to.  Our attachments make things so complicated. There’s so much fear.

Yoga has been an amazing way to learn to deal with being uncomfortable.  Every yogi has that one posture that creates bad feelings. Dude…my hips have been feeling it since Friday. I’ve had to deal with a LOT of feelings with them sore hips! So much stuff in there!

Sunday I got in a great slow flow class, and Thursday night’s Yin felt completely natural. There’s been a trend lately where I notice myself saying, “that was my best game!” or, “that was my best practice!” or, “that was my best (whatever)”.

I feel more in tune and resisting less. The less I resist, the more naturally things come to me.

Embrace it all as good. ALL of it. It doesn’t matter what happens, it’s how it’s handled. There is opportunity on all things. Everything is a lesson.

Rehabilitating from an injury while practicing yoga got me to learn to take it easy on myself. So what if I had to modify my side plank, or drop to my knees for low plank? Why did I even give a shit about it in the first place?

Those things we do on the mat carry into our lives. What do I do when I’m in a room full of people and I’m about to fall out of Dancer’s Pose (MY NEMESIS)?  Run out because it’s hard and I’m scared of balances?

No. No, today, I got my foot OVER MY HEAD. To hell with that pose,  I’m just going to DO it. And if I fall out? So what?! Pfft. Shit happens! I just bring my hands to heart-center, breathe, and try again. 

I got to practice with two favorites today, and tomorrow night is Buti 🙂 The class is incredibly fun, and Christy always shares precisely what we need to hear.  The words really sink in because for an hour before the words, she kicks our asses!

Isn’t that how it works? The best art is forged from struggle.  Our hearts speak the loudest when broken. Warriors are created in battle.

Train hard, easy fight.

Several years ago when I was just about ready to embark on my wellness journey, I said that I was tired of being the fighter, and I just wanted to be an artist. It doesn’t work that way,  at least not for me. There will always be struggle, and I’m strong because of it.

However, I can do it gracefully and with class 🙂


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