Don’t judge me for being thick, judge me because I’m an asshole!

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Today as I set up to teach my 6:00 a.m. yoga class, a few fit ladies came into the yoga room, looked at me, giggled among themselves, walked into an office, and laughed some more. I fully and gladly understand that whatever they were talking about has nothing to do with me, and even if it is about me, I know it’s not personal. I know not to take it personally. What disappoints me is a trend I am seeing in my experience in the fitness industry so far. It baffles me that we go into this business for the sake of helping people, and yet that pettiness, that judgment, and the very antithesis of helping people exists.

I’m experiencing this now. I am half my former body size, and yet this judgment still exists. The first time I lost a hundred pounds, I went to a seminar and a sales representative for a weight loss product approach me. This was *after* I lost a hundred pounds.

No matter what, people always judge us. And that’s their prerogative. It is exactly that, their prerogative. It is none of our business what other people think of us, say about us, or tell us how they feel about us.

The health and fitness industry, like many industries, has its virtues and its flaws. I know I’m going to be immensely successful in this business because I can be real with people, & I am glad to be the black sheep. There is a norm, and have rarely been one to conform to a norm.

I am going to be a becon of light for people who have been subjected to this childish bullshit themselves.  To help people, we need to speak their language.

This experience gives me a lot to be grateful for, and only affirms my faith. Actually got a really brilliant idea for my business spawned from today’s experience, so I am immensely grateful for everything that I learned today!


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