Medicine for breakfast (and damn tasty)

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As requested, my anti-inflammation protein shake recipe:

1 cup unsweet plain almond milk
2 tablespoons unsweet dark cocoa powder
1 kale leaf, chopped (rib removed)
1/2 cup frozen banana chunks
1/2 teaspoon tumeric
Few dashes cinnamon
Dash cayenne pepper to taste preferece (I used about a half teaspoon)
1 scoop vanilla whey protein

Optional: agave and vanilla extract

I overate last night and woke up with that cruddy belly feeling and had pain from inflammation. Being a swole beast is great but not when swollen from inflammation!  So before I started a day of work, presentations, a cardio workout and Buti Yoga tonight, I wanted to get a handle on the physical pain without using pharmaceuticals.

Again, our health is in our cabinets,  pantries and refrigerators!

I am going to switch to a plant-based protein powder, but finishing what is left of my tub of whey 🙂

Tumeric does have a flavor and can be a bit for some folks and palates,  so sometimes I put it in gel capsules and take those. Tumeric and ginger are amazing! So is cinnamon.  Tumeric has been more effective for me than ibuprofen,  and what’s more is no caffeine!  Once I found out how catabolic caffeine is, I started thinking differently about the stuff I’m putting into my body.

My choices aren’t perfect, but they are a good balance that works for me so far. I am continually working on better habits and choices 🙂

If we want to heal people, first we must heal ourselves. The goodness in this concoction helps reduce inflammation, and what better way to help people work through their pain then by managing mine first 🙂 My day starts at the prison, and then speaking to high risk youth. Let’s do this!

One day at a time ❤

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