Bullshit stories

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I have a habit of using the word bullshit a bit too much, so I’m working on cleaning it up. It’ll be great if I do, and if not, fuck it, ya know?

Realizing that the word I have such an affinity for really just means stories, I’ll use that word in its place.

How often do we go through our day, telling ourselves stories about what we can’t have, can’t do, can’t be, and so on?
Our brains spend so much time in the past, recalling and recreating unchangeable events. Then, there is a fixation on the future, and attachments form to specific outcomes.

So many people that I speak with who want something different to happen know what to do, but aren’t quite ready to make changes. For a long time, I kept trying to fix people. Now I’m learning to help them save themselves.

As for me, it’s taken a lot of adjusting,  and I’m getting into a groove 🙂 I realized that for now, I can only do what my body can do right now.  That doesn’t mean things won’t change,  and if they don’t, then I will keep on doing the best I can with what I’ve got!

Attitude is everything.  From the very beginning, what my intention when I started this was to share my experience and encourage people to create new habits in action and especially in mind. That’s the very source of it all. Our thoughts create everything.

I am witnessing how real and powerful my thoughts are, and that things are getting remarkably interesting 🙂 I worked on the assignments given to me by a life coach I am working with, and working it out in steps, breaking it down and seeing it all written out is making this more and more real for me.

I have struggled with insecurity, inadequacy, and recognizing my value for a long time. I’ve been going through this process of ditching the stories going on in my head, and stepping it up and just DOING things.

Amazing things are happening.  I’m in yoga teacher training and already teach a weekly class. I actually got a check today. My first check doing this. Like…earning money doing this.  *mind blown*

I am planting seeds here, same that has been done for me.

Remember again that time goes by, and we can either daydream about the future we want, or we can actually own that vision and make it happen.

I have witnessed over and over again how powerful my thoughts are, and how strong belief is. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know what to do. It always works out when I keep going, keep rising when I fall, and keep moving on, every time.

Say goodbye to those stories, and step up to your next level. It happens when we are all ready for it.

And instead of listening to the stories in the mind, make better ones with your life 🙂

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