Dark horse with a bright light

healing, life, life coaching, mindfulness, peace

“I don’t know what you’ve been thinking, but you can’t keep thinking with that stinking thinking. If you keep on thinking what you’ve always thought, then you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.”

That quote is from Dawn, a woman I met when speaking at the local prison.  She and I are part of a group of community members that speak to men who are going to be re-entering citizens within a few months, and every time she speaks, she says that quote and makes them all say it with her.

I particularly enjoy speaking to the inmates because I can be real with them. Whenever I start any presentation, I gauge my audience to determine how best to speak to them. With folks who have had it rough, it’s easy to be direct.

I’m still learning to be authentic, yet more refined. As I work on stepping up, becoming more polished is a part of that. Time, learning from experience,  and patience will help, but I am also enlisting the help of people who are experts in what I need assistance with.

I’ve been given a lot of perspective,  and decided to do things I’ve needed and wanted to do.  So, I finally made the call and had a consultation with a life coach!

Also, talk about manifesting.  I gave myself a monthly budget for my business (setting money aside to invest in the business), and my coaching is the EXACT AMOUT I planned for!

I had avoided speaking with her for MONTHS. I had her business card and threw it away! DERP!

Glad I finally reached out to her,  I feel much better and like I can actually execute my plans! I need to focus and stay on track, and this is exactly what I was looking for.

We all have reasons for our life’s loves, our passions, and our work. I want to help people who share my struggles. Insight comes from experience,  and damn I have plenty of experience,  particularly from exceptionally bad decisions! As I have learned from many mistakes of my own and the mistakes of others, errors and experience are the best teachers.

I want to work with people in many walks of life, and I feel drawn to battle-worn people; people who have bern hurt by others, by themselves, by life’s traumas.

When talking to people in the wellness business,  I describe myself as the dark horse of the industry.  My coach said, “dark horse with a bright light.”

Sounds spot-on to me 🙂

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