Vin to my Yin class, yo

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The past few days have made me realize with amazing clarity that things are playing out exactly how I want them to. So many people that I am speaking with are also in a big, positive life transition. As things tend to play out, often there is a shitstorm before really good things start happening.

In my experience, I find that making goals and expecting an outcome is one thing, and how things actually play out is vastly more interesting. When setting goals, it’s so easy to just see the finish line, and not realize every step toward that outcome. That’s where the interesting stories lie. Those are the stories worth telling. Stories are real, genuine, and unique, which is why often we hear the same message, but just told in a different story. It is told through the eyes of a different storyteller having a different experience, and having that realization in their own way.

When dealing with people, particularly when providing a service, it is important to realize that there is no all-in-one approach. Though we use the same words, we all speak different languages. It is important to understand other people’s languages to best be able to help them. We don’t need to speak their language, we just need to be able to understand them. Learning to speak that language is even better.

Once again I am feeling the benefits of eating consistently healthy and sticking to doing activities that I can do right now. I’ve learned the benefit and importance of taking modifications in certain yoga poses. Making good decisions consistently makes it easier to keep making good decisions.

I’m reminded that once again, I’m really good at getting things that I want. Sticking to basic principles like authenticity, gratitude, and patience, the things that I want actually find their way to me. I just have to continually be open-minded to how they come to me, and not be attached to how it plays out.

Tonight I taught my first class at Blue Moon. It went smoothly, and I am so grateful to see familiar faces and make some new friends. I still have a lot of learning to do, and like tonight, I want my practice to be inspired by the needs of the students. In all honesty, the only thing I was really stressing about before the class was music. When I started teaching, I didn’t even think about the music.

Just like at RollerCon, it didn’t really feel like I was teaching a class. I felt like I was sharing a practice. It was a room of friends, sharing this deep common interest. We all come into it for different reasons, yet we all get the same thing out of it. We come into yoga needing something, and we find it within ourselves, in that solitude, in that discomfort, and in the relief that follows.

This is still so early in my personal yoga journey, and even earlier in my training as an instructor. I did practice a bit with the class today to make sure that the flow physically felt right. As I continue to learn, I’m excited to learn how to instruct from intuition, guided by the needs of the yogis.

Experiences fuel the ideas, and I’ve got many more experiences planned because I intend to get very good at this đŸ™‚

I got the next two books I need for my teacher training, and the last one will be given to me when we meet again for class. All this good stuff is manifesting my way!

*Happy dance*

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