Herd is the Word

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New skills! Achievement unlocked!


Today was the 3rd Annual Mash-Up, and instead of playing, I became part of the herd! Team Zebra, buddy!!!

When I put my skates on (which was the first time in four weeks, the night before the accident), it felt like coming back home. I felt like I picked up right where I left off. The fear was gone.

Yet again, another case of mindfuck!

I also realized something.


Photo credit David Ortiz of Phantom Photographics.

I’m as capable now as I’ve ever been. I’ll get through this. Everything is a blessing and a lesson. I’m learning a LOT from a strategic standpoint. This is yet another way to grow.

When I changed my perspective, I learned a lot more. I felt happy all day, not one single regret.

This community is filled with amazing people, and I’m so grateful and feel so loved! Wrath got me a whistle I wanted SO badly (the adjustable ring-type one), Bass Invader got me super sweet Captain America cuffs, and I was gifted more derby stickers ❤ Plus I got my logo for my zeeb top, and I got another set of wheels!


It was hard at first to see the game from a different angle, but I caught on quick and it was incredibly advantageous. I look forward to learning more and more 🙂

So, I had to leave half way through the Mash-Up and get to Blue Moon to meet with Kim and work on some ideas I have. I’m working on a targeted yoga program, and Kim gave me guidance and great input. We also talked about a Yin class I expressed interest in teaching…

…and then the owner of the studio called and offered me a class.

I’m teaching Yin on Thursday nights 🙂 I told Kim my intentions with the class and she was stoked! She said I’m making it all happen.

Today, I decided to just claim it. I didn’t just show up to shadow ref. I came in stripes, bearing my name on the back. Then, I said exactly what I’m going to teach and how I’m going to do it, and then I get that class.

I am learning to show up and expect things, but not expect it immediately. Just roll with it. It’ll happen. Just let it. The less I resist, the easier and more naturally it comes to me.

Whenever I try to control things too much, take things too seriously, or look at things with a very a limited view, I am missing  the whole point of the very experience I am going through in that moment.

Today was a great experience in setting an intention, and witnessing it play out however it needs to. Today I kept saying be careful what you wish for, and I never imagined my officiating experience to start this way. I’m glad I didn’t. If I would have seen this happening, I would have turned around and ran the other way. It’s scary!  However, it happened; it’s over and done with, and I continue to thrive. There is no regretting that.

I’ve always believed that we’ve got to go where we can grow, and this is yet another growing experience for me. When I release my blinders and open my mind and stop relying on previous experience and expect things to play out a certain way, pretty amazing and miraculous things happen.

I know where I am heading. I don’t need to know how it’s going to happen. I just know that I’m ready for it. That’s what I’ve been conditioned for, and what I’ve been preparing for.

I am ready to claim it.

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