There Ain’t a Comfort Zone

mindfulness, roller derby, yoga

I had a lot on my mind yesterday, and I kept going back and forth between wanting to get a ton of stuff done, or have a lazy day. No matter which I did, I knew I wasn’t going to be happy, wishing I’d chosen the other thing. As it were, I started stuff and ended up with a bunch of things I have to finish later, and that’s okay.

Several people had asked me if I was going to the PCRD vs Zebras bout, and though I initially declined, I was reconsidering. Did I want to be around derby? At first I thought it would maybe do me some good to see my friends, get hugs, and tell this injury that it hasn’t gotten to me. Then I realized that yeah…I’m a champion and I will rise again, but I just don’t want to be around it.

Another option was to go to Dollface’s house. Before I went to yoga, I decided that whatever I wanted to do after is what I was going to do. No plans. Once we hit final svasana in yoga class, I knew I was going to Dolly’s.

No matter what’s going on in her busy life, Dollface always makes her house your home. Food. There’s so much food. She has kids, dogs, cats, and seriously always has stuff to do. Even if we’re all just chillin, shooting the shit, her home is always comfortable and welcoming.

That is where I wanted to be πŸ™‚

We talked about successes, and how hard work is a part in every step of the process.

“People think once you’ve reached the top, the work ends. That’s when you have to work the hardest.” – Dolly

Dollface is successful. Very successful. She attributes it to always doing her personal best. I’ve skated with her, I have witnessed how she focuses her energy on a desired outcome. It’s awesome πŸ™‚

She and I are both dealing with injuries, especially the (this is a scientific derby phrase) mindfuck that comes when returning to derby. No one understands unless they’ve been there.

Something I realized is highly successful people need a lot of support and encouragement too, because there is SO much work putting into continually maintaining what was built up.

In the book 212 The Extra Degree, the main theme of always doing our best, going the extra bit, and ALWAYS making it a habit is what surely guarantees success. There are no regrets when we do our best.

Last night, I felt relieved and proud of myself for honoring what was best for my body, my mood, and my spirit. After a great yoga class, I went right over to Dolly’s and got to hang with my friends, meet, new people, and eat great food. Dolly texted me “I made salad, Smash!” SOLD πŸ™‚ She’s always looking out like that!

We spoke about a bunch of things that gave me perspective on thoughts weighing my mind with a LOT of chatter. I love and appreciate those moments in life when the answers come when we stop expecting them.

I am so blessed to have so many smart, interesting, fun, silly, and really awesome people in my life πŸ™‚


Some of the great folks of Sintral Florida Derby Demons (from top left): Shear Tear Her, Dollface Crusher, Smash Tank (me!), Heidi Doom, Boogieman and Rugby Ruckspin ❀ We took this at the finish of the 2014 season πŸ™‚

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