Fields of Green

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One of my favorite smells is fresh-cut grass. It’s an omen of warmer weather, growth, and seasonal change in which life begins to wake up and become verdant and vibrant again.

I finally saw the green chakra last Wednesday. It happened in the hardest posture in my hardest practice, and when it happened, all I did was focus on staying present, breathing, and loving each inhale and each exhale. Frog, especially in a Yin class, is hard. Holding it for over 5 minutes…that shit will make a bitch existential. By choosing to love the posture, each breath was a gift that supported me through the physical discomfort. Though for a long time I understood exactly why I felt the way that I did in that pose, which would range from anger to sadness to fury, I was finally able to just let all of those attachments go, to just exist and be. Ever since then, I’ve made it a point to practice my frog in the same exact mindset. When we go into it, I feel enthusiastic, same way I do for a highly intensive workout. Holding a frog for 5 minutes is much harder than 12 rounds of boxing for me. But now, I choose to love it!

I am seeing fields of green all around me, with both of my physical eyes, and with my third eye. The room where we train is painted green, the candles are green, and I inadvertently wore all green today. When I start visualizing the green chakra, I initially imagined a huge open field of green grass. As I lay with my eyes closed, I feel peace and serenity as if the sun itself is warming me, smiling on me, and shining on me and me alone, and that I may use that light and projected it and allow others to perceive and accept that light, and they can shine it with others as well.

Love. Green is the heart chakra, the source of our love.

Allow love, share love and BE love. It is divine light, and it is in all of us. It is the very source of creation, and at the very heart of our being. Like oxygen, we may not be able to ostensibly perceive it, but it benefits us, gives us life, and is an amazingly abundant source that we can all utilize.

BE love, and witness the world become all the better because of it.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi

As I am moving forward through this transition, I am experiencing different ways of doing things that I am familiar with. For instance, I have been going to a different massage therapist, practicing yoga in various places, and learning to adjust in a job where transportation is a requirement and I am still looking for a car. All of these things can either be a major source of stress, or an opportunity to approach things in a new and different way. For a moment, I felt like I was cheating on those that I was familiar with, like practicing yoga in a different studio, or letting another massage therapist touch me. But I’m coming to realize that there are different ways of doing things we like doing. These new experiences enrich our lives, and also give us appreciation for the approaches that we are familiar with. Trying new things and being uncomfortable is what makes us truly grow. I still feel like a seed cracking its shell, but I have every faith that the new growth that is emerging is going to give me strong roots, and something beautifully vibrant will surface. And when things get tough and I feel weak, I will remember that my roots are strong and if anything ever happens, I can always go back to that foundation and rise again from there.

We are always growing, and there is such thing as comfort if we want to continually progress. In yoga, even something like child’s pose can be active. Its the same as life. Everything that we learn on the mat, in the classroom, and in the meditations associated with our practice can all be utilized in our lives. The practice is just another vehicle for a personal growth.

Like yoga, life is an ongoing practice, a learning experience, a way to grow and evolve.

My body and brain are tired, and though growing is hard work, it always pays off. Sometimes it’s so hard, tears get involved. I know I sure cry into my mat, damn right I did tonight. Tears are irrigation for growth.

Tomorrow is Monday, and on weekdays I’d been getting up at 5 to do sunrise flow at 530. So, my plan for tomorrow is to keep practicing at 530am, but now I can skip the driving by practicing at home and use the extra time to write and work on my business.

We were also instructed to develop our own daily meditation practice, so as I keep conditioning my body, so too shall my mind and spirit undergo more training.

I got this.

I can do this.

I can do ANYTHING.

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