Show up BIG

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Something I learned today in yoga teacher training is that I’m excellent at helping people become successful with things I struggle with.

I have a good yoga practice. I believe I can help people have and develop an amazing yoga practice by just being real while leading them. The crux of everything we’re learning is to be authentic, and I needed this reminder that once again, I’m beyond what I’ve allowed myself to believe I’m capable of. I want to instil that conviction in others; it’s important and it needs to be shared. That is my intention in all of my endeavors, and yoga is an excellent vehicle for that lesson.

Things that happen in life surprise me, even when I say I’m gonna do or want something and it happens, it still blows my mind. When it happens for others, I see it happening so clearly for them.

I mean, we’re all a bit dumb. How can we be rational about our own crap when we have emotional attachment? Ever notice how we have answers to everyone else’s problems?

So, as I’m in training, and getting to learn about teaching and practicing yoga, I let go of anything in my head that distracts me from my breath, and the present. I get to do this. It’s a huge blessing. I would be lucky if I could practice once or twice a month with Kim, and I’ve spent all day today and all night yesterday with her. Talk about feeling immensely grateful!

Kim reminds us to show up big in all things. Let go of the stories we tell ourselves.

At the heart of it, I’m just another tough type with a great heart who really just loves sharing love.

In learning to deal with and calm the demon, I find once again, the cure-all is love. There are so many ways to practice and share love, and the biggest thing is to find it especially in the most difficult times. Like when we are in a pose and want to come out, that is when it’s important to stay in it, or show up big and go deeper.

Growth happens when we go past what’s comfortable. My heart is too awesome to hold back, stifle or repress. I’m learning so much just by life teaching me hard lessons, and I’m allowing myself to be coachable and do what wiser and more experienced people tell me to do.

OR just do what I advise people to do.

*deep breath*

Stepping into bigger shoes 🙂

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