The greatest storyteller

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Perhaps it’s my affinity for the love language of service, or the fact that I’m a witness to trusting those who take care of me while I’m on the mend, but I’ve always had an appreciation for people who heal others by use of their hands.

It’s been a long and challenging week, and with all the bullshit associated with an accident, I’m just taking it one effing thing at a time. Car shit, insurance, doctor visits, therapy, being so fucking angry and still maintaining healthy eating habits, and just WAITING to hear back on everything. The biggest challenge, however, is heeding the words of my doctor as I undergo physical therapy.Β  “Take it easy” are the last three words an athlete wants to hear after training like an effing demon and finally starting to see some results. However, I trust my doctor, and I understand that taking it easy now means building a strong foundation for the future. It was a strong foundation that saved my body.

So, as I adjust to all the changes and shit that’s involved in this whole process, I’m just taking it one step at a time. The doctor cleared me for non-contact skating, which thrills me to no end and it looks like I’m on track for not only a full recovery, but as long as I stay smart I can still bout on February 15th.

When he told me to get my skates on and roll around to let my body adjust to skating again, it made my day πŸ™‚ I know I will have to forgo some of my favorite activities until I can get aggressive again, but I am always game for some endurance. Last time during an injury, I had to take a break from endurance and work on upper body. This time. I get to do endurance as my upper body heals.

I’m a Libra, so I can appreciate balance πŸ™‚

My chiropractor has amazing hands, and as someone who is GREAT with using hands, I appreciate it in others. It takes a lot for me to be able to trust another’s touch, so I go through doctors, massage therapists and tattoo artists with a fine comb before allowing them near me. When I find a good one though, I hold onto that person dearly. My massage therapist is the best I’ve had, and I am SO stoked for a massage tonight. She’s got her work cut out for her, glad I upgraded.

Hands are amazing. There are few still-life things that I can draw well, and hands are among the few. Hands are the greatest storyteller because they travel the most. Hands provide so much for us, and communicate in so many ways. I’m a toucher. I’m an emphatic ass-slapper. I appreciate textures and sensations, and I love using my hands.

As I move forward with everything and make adjustments – I’m learning to just fucking go with it and not resist. Just stop giving a shit and go with the flow – I look forward to the future and find gratitude in all that I have and can do. These things take time, but I claim to be patient, and I know building things, whether it’s new or healing, takes time and adaptation.

The patience comes from seeing a long-term outcome. Rest now means I get to be strong tomorrow. Strength is also much more than just physicality; it’s being built and trained like a warrior, yet having the mindset to never ever have to use those tools.

As my body heals, my mind continues to grow. During this next phase of my life, I see a further bond developing between my body and my mind.

It’s interesting how life plays out to teach us the lessons we need to learn and to give us that which we need in order to grow. I hope to keep seeing opportunity in all things, and in continually doing my best and staying true to my character.

I may be a moody and broody healer, but I bounce back and return stronger than ever.

Thankfully, I’m in very good hands πŸ™‚

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