Carrying what carries me

chakras, health, meditation, mindfulness, peace, weight loss, yoga

SHOCKER another yoga-related post…I’ll update from the boxing gym soon, or do a post after a derby bout 😛 Okay no promises, I have attention challenges so let’s keep on with the yoga thing!

Last night on my way to class, I marveled how different my life is now, indicated by what was with me and on me. I had my yoga mat and grippy towel cradled in one arm, my backpack from Title Boxing Club slung on my shoulder and packed with post-workout hydration, my workout clothes (Underarmor shorts and a ladies MEDIUM top, WTF), and was on my way to my most challenging yoga practice, Yin (another one…my body needed it). Boxing, yoga…these things were totally foreign to me a year ago. And now I’m a friggin’ poster child of this stuff 😛

I started seeing the purple chakra, so my mind is opening further and ultimately, I think green will be last, though I’ve been seeing glimmers of it around my mat (interesting how that works).

Crown, throat, and heart are next 🙂 What a journey, I’m so grateful and honored to experience this. Also considering Baron Baptiste training…holy shit. Also, I have a partner for Acro Yoga and can’t WAIT to learn more! As it were, I’ll be the base, and a good base I shall be 😀

So, super exciting things ahead! I’ve got an industrious and busy three-day weekend coming up, and between yoga, boxing, bouting and skydiving, I think we’re in for some epic amazingness ahead. OH and between all that, I plan to keep writing book #1!


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