A Brief History of Smash

fat loss, health, weight loss


A very brief synopsis of my story: Health and wellness had eluded me my adult life, and for 20 years, I was obese. After going through ups and downs, different “diets” and various attempts at building sustainable, healthy habits, I finally decided to start knocking bad habits down one at a time until I could either control or eliminate them. In March of 2012, I had enough of allowing myself to let people treat me poorly, and I took my health by the balls and embarked on an accountability program to FINALLY get me healthy.

Since embarking on my journey, I’ve made a LOT of mistakes and learned a lot, but the most important thing is I’m committed to it and there is NO turning back!

I enjoy prepping my meals and though I allow an occasional cheat meal (or a cheat day, ‘cuz life happens), I balance it out. Presently I’m active in yoga, boxing, spinning, weight lifting and roller derby, and I’m working on dancing and becoming a fitness instructor, writer, motivational speaker and life coach.

This has taken a lifetime to work up to and will take a lifetime moving forward to maintain, but now I have a foundation and I am UNSTOPPABLE! Most importantly, I want to use my story to inspire others, so I have the 100 Reasons to Lose 100 Pounds page and myBody and Swole page and website. So much more to come,

This is the beginning for me, and you can do it, too!


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