Personal Power


2015 is off to a heck of a great start, and if this is any indication of how this year’s gonna roll, WHOA boy am I excited! SO many great things going on!

I do have to be bit tight-lipped for a little while, but something big is brewing for me athletically, and I’m super excited to get my skates on the track and do some work this season! The derby bouting season officially starts in March, but I’ve got things lined up every month from January to at least October of 2015. BIG year for Smash Tank (that’s me) 🙂

This is also an exciting time for me and a group that I have put together, called the Army of 100. We’ve formed a network of amazing people who are embarking on personal goals, and the very foundation of it is health and wellness. I have asked my troops to use the #Armyof100 tag in their various social networks to share their stories as they embark on their goals.

Anyone who has been successful with making their wishes come true know that it takes hard work and perseverance to make it happen. The stories don’t come from the end point and saying “oh look I did it!”; instead, the stories come from HOW it was done. I love witnessing people making that happen for themselves!

There are some choices ahead for myself, and I have to dig down deep and really prioritize where my energies will be directed. Though I am immensely capable and REFUSE to accept that I have any personal limits, the fact of the matter is time, energy, where I invest my resources and what I will allow into my life will have to be considered and evaluated, especially moving forward. I have an abundance of energy, but I also have emotions and a serious attitude problem (I’m working on it). I’m a subversive little shit who likes things done MY way.

There’s a work ethic I adopted initially for derby, but it works remarkably well in my yoga practice and truly in my life altogether. The ethic is: work hard, keep calm, be humble. This year, I also am witnessing the impact of personal power, and when we have faith in ourselves and stand for what we believe in, we make way for the best things to come into our lives.

This year, there are no limits. When goals are realized, new ones are created. There is no comfort zone.

Here’s to the road ahead!

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