Weights and Measures, AKA IDGAF.


It’s been…let’s see, over 12 weeks now since I’ve used a scale. Though a very helpful tool in my fat reduction in holding me accountable and motivated, once I got to the maintenance part of my journey, the scale became an infuriating endeavor. My body is still adjusting to variations in my fitness routine, and though I am now eating to maintain weight, I have fluctuations in body mass composition and weight because of the muscle gain.

I’m putting together a team of people who want to join me in the next phase of their lives, and I’m calling my group the Army of 100. The group’s objective is to share our experiences as we embark on reaching all of our own personal goals, and to support one another. We will use the #armyof100 hashtag to share our experiences in our various social networks, to come together and celebrate the victories and support each other when it gets tough. In this group will be various challenges, and the challenges will range from several days, to 100 days, to the entire year. The level of commitment is up to each participant.

The intent is to share success stories to inspire others, just like I want to do with my own personal success. Blessings come with a purpose, and they are a gift that keeps giving the more we share them.

I want to change lives. I want to save people from making the same mistakes repetitively (oh boy am I guilty of that one!). I want to do something HUGE for this country and be a part of the movement that eradicates preventable diseases. I want to eliminate those who prey and profit on those desperate to change their lives but not finding the right solutions.

So often we speak about good intentions, but how often do actions contradict those words?

“I want to change my life.” and then back to the same old habits.

“I’ll start on Monday.” Monday evening rolls around and then it’s back to “there’s always next Monday.”

It starts NOW. Even if it’s just an intention, get the seed planted and be ready to make some changes. If you’re willing, I’m ready to meet you half way and see you through to the end. I’m doing this also, and I’m in the thick of it with everyone.

My goals are simple enough:

1) Be in physical shape to skate in every jam, jamming every other or more if needed

2) Add more muscle, tone up, maintain mass but redistribute where the weight is

3) Continue living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle!

So, though I don’t plan to weigh in (screw that scale, seriously), I should do some before-and-after pictures, as well as take measurements. Just like when I embarked and succeeded in my 100+ pounds of fat loss journey, this too should be measured, shared, and used as a method to recruit people to the cause of sustainable, healthy living!

Here is the survey I have put together to select my candidates from – fill it out if you want to join me, and share with folks you know that want to set and see themselves reach their goals: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Tb1oqYhygEJ5KXaTRzqpKFTSxbKa-MgxMRg175vJwHs/viewform

Wow I’m pretty proud of myself for not ranting loads about the diet and healthcare industry! So, I’ll stop before I start 🙂

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