Wrapping up 2014


Tis the season for end-of-year reflections, and goal planning for 2015. This year has been an exceptionally great one, and as the law of motion goes, I too shall continue moving forward!

I still have to do my proper introduction post and there is a lot to go over, so that will come soon. My intention is to make it good and not rush it. I always find that’s the best way to get to know someone anyway 🙂

Today is day 23 of my personal daily yoga challenge, and I did two practices yesterday to make up for missing Saturday (no regrets, I was busy playing in the last roller derby scrimmage of the season), and again this morning at 530am. As I started this challenge, my favorite studio to practice yoga had also started a mindfulness challenge. It’s serendipity that as I learn how to let my body do more and more challenging things, we are working on the mental aspect both on and off the mat. After all, how we do one thing is how we do everything, so just as we often bring our shit to our mat, we can also learn to bring our yoga practice into our world. Driving is a great situation for this! Though I’m not quite busting into a wheel pose while driving, I can practice my deep breathing. That mindfulness keeps my New York accent and flagrant language at bay when someone pulls a particularly brainless maneuver on the road.

Though I have only been practicing yoga since this spring, the impact it has had on my life, both as an athlete and a person altogether, has been profoundly positive. My coach suggested I take up yoga as a way to help me skate more relaxed.

I had a tendency to get super boxy and tense when skating, and a huge part of that was that I was (and at times, still am) mentally recovering from breaking my ankle on the very floor we were practicing on.

Practicing yoga has helped not only with my shoulder tension, but especially in my hips. Holy Cowface, did I have SO much hip drama! Yoga has opened my hips, through much hard work, I am getting past the physical and mental resistance. I learned to accept discomfort and let go of attachment to the things pissing me off in a posture.

Okay, not ALL the time, but when I let go of feelings and just focus on breathing, I get there!

A friend and yoga instructor has given me helpful feedback, but also praise for my practice, especially for what my hips are doing, and how strong my breath has been.

In yoga, I have done everything from cry, open my third eye to higher energy, laughed, sang, cursed, punched the floor, stormed out of the room to get myself together, smiled, danced, encouraged others and found encouragement from others.

Just like in life! I hope to turn my practice into something I can legitimately share with others, and help them heal, grow, and find peace in their own practice. Also, in turn, let their practice have that affect on their lives, like it has on mine.

From my heart to yours, Namaste!

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