Start of daily yoga challenge!


Sundays mean detox yoga at 10:30am, meal preparation for the week, laundry, and derby practice at 6 (but sometimes I join the juniors’ practice before at 4).

Detox yoga is an amazing way to start my day and get ready for the week. That class has brought up so much emotionally, and I’m learning to just breathe, go through the poses, and not create attachment or expectations from the practice.

Today starts a yoga challenge for me, and I plan to do yoga daily up to, during and after going through teacher training. My studio may hold another teacher training in the summer, so I’m making daily practice a habit.

I see things happening a specific way in my mind, but however it plays out in reality is how it is meant to be. There is no rush. Knowing and accepting that is a challenge at times, but seeing only that goal will get me there, no matter how long it takes. It’s worth it.

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